The PCC ORYX utilizes the same information collected for Oasis to submit to JCAHO for ORYX transmission.  Using the Oasis data sets save many hours of data entry time since the same data is already collected for compliance with the Oasis regulations.  No additional steps are required for the ORYX.  PCC ORYX offers the following measures:

ORYX Measures Offered
Measure JCAHO ID
Improvement in grooming 9862
Stabilization in grooming 9863
Improvement in dressing upper body 9864
Improvement in bathing 9866
Stabilization in bathing 9867
Improvement in toileting 9868
Improvement in transferring 9869
Improvement in ambulation/locomotion 9871
Improvement in eating 9872
Improvement in light meal preparation 9873
Stabilization in light meal preparation 9874
Stabilization in laundry 9876
Improvement in housekeeping 9877
Improvement in shopping 9879
Improvement in management of oral medications 9883
Stabilization in speech or language 9886
Improvement in pain interfering with activity 9887
Improvement in status of surgical wounds 9889
Improvement in dyspnea 9890
Improvement in urinary incontinence 9892
Stabilization in cognitive functioning 9895
Improvement in confusion frequency 9896

  Key Features and Benefits of the PCC ORYX Package Include:

Quarterly Outcome Reports transmitted to JCAHO containing the agency's ORYX outcomes (two to five outcomes for the first year).
The quarterly Outcome Report transmitted to JCAHO is also sent to the agency.


System Requirements:

PCC Oasis Software License with Electronic Submission Module