Scheduling software screen is designed to mimic the month planner that you might use in your office to schedule your day to day appointments and events.  Imagine that each Patient or Employee will have a month planner sheet.  Within the day cells of the month planner you can schedule different visits.   TimeTrack offers many tools and utilities that are designed to speed and facilitate the scheduling tasks such as,

Health care scheduling softwareToggle, which allows the user to toggle between the Patient Scheduling mode to the Employee scheduling mode.  This feature is very important, since the user at certain time in the scheduling process needs to view the schedule in Patient mode, and at other times the user needs to view the schedule in Employee mode.


Global Scheduling, which allows the user to perform global scheduling based on the visit frequency or doctor orders such as SN 3WK9.  This tool can save the user great amount of time replacing the manual entry of each visit.  For example, entering SN 3WK9, TimeTrack will build 3 SN visits per week for 9 weeks.


Global Change, which allows the user to perform global wide scheduling changes across patients or employees.  Such as assigning all the visits for one employee to another employee within a specified date range, or shifting the schedule for one patient forward or backward by one day (or more) within a specified date range.


Health care staffing softwarePrint Weekly Schedule, which allows the user to print the weekly Patient or Employee schedule showing the Patient or Employee name, the type of discipline or visit to be provided (such as SN, PT), the Time In/Time Out, Patient Address, Patient Phone Number and a general purpose comments.


Bridge Schedule, which allows the user to create visits in the Visit screen based on the current schedule.  If the schedule was updated and kept current, the user can bridge the scheduled visit to the Visit screen where, the Billing, Payroll and year end reporting is generated from.


Duplicate Schedule, which allows the user to duplicate a schedule for a Patient or Employee within a specified date range. The duplicate utility preserves the order of the week days thus maintaining the same appearance of the schedule.


Week/Month Toggle, which allows the user to toggle between the monthly or weekly scheduling mode.


Employee Selection Criteria, which allows the user to specify the employee lookup criteria when the user is trying to match an employee to a patient. The match criteria available are:
Patient and Employee City
Patient and Employee Phone Area Code
Patient and Employee Language Preference
Patient and Employee Gender
Employee Time Shift preference
Employee Day of the week preference
Patient Exclusion List
and more...

Scheduling Screen Sample