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ChartTrack is an add-on utility for TimeTrack.  This utility allows home health agencies to Add, Print, Track and Post the MD-Orders.   This utility offers the home health agency the following benefits:

Ability to Enter the MD-Orders on the Word Processor Like editor screen.  The user has access to a table of pre-entered MD-Orders text.
Ability to Print MD-Orders in a presentable format that can be mailed or faxed to the Physician for signature.  The printout has the company Title and Address and a place for the Physician signature.
Ability to enter each discipline's visit frequency (such as SN 3WK9).  As the TimeTrack user enters visits into the Visit screen, the system will keep auditing the number of visits entered for this discipline during the service week, and the system will alert the user that the visit frequency has exceeded.
Ability to Post Signed MD-Orders in a table like screen that captures all the outstanding MD-Orders
Ability to print a list of outstanding orders that will list the Patient Name, Physician Name, Date Sent, and type of orders sent (Phone Orders, 485)

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