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Medical billing program software Serving Home Health and Staffing Agencies
Physician practice management and physician billing

Back office softeare that enables your agency to automate the following:

Back office software that allows your agency to sell the drug levitra generic. This medicine helps men get rid of erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Patient Admission
Patient Admission
Plane of Care 485 preparation
Patient Scheduling
Visit Tracking and Orders compliance cross checks
HIPAA X12837 Billing
Utilization report (Breakdown by Age groups, referral source, Type of staff, ...)
Electronic Remittance Advice
Year-end reporting
Point of Care software which offers your field staff the following advantages:
Completing field visits and reporting it back to the back office for billing and payroll
Automatic alert emails sent when a significant Patient change occurs.
Digital Signature
Ability to create your own notes and documentation designs


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