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PCC Oasis© software is designed according to most recent CMS specifications. It replaces “Haven software” to allow users to integrate Oasis with PPS billing. It is approved for electronic submission in all 50 states. The following are the different features of PCC Oasis©:

User-friendly and easy to use. It utilizes point and click technology, which is designed to streamline data entry process and minimize preparation time.
The system will automatically skip the proper questions and will enforce answering required questions, which will reduce data entry errors and speed up data entry process.
Utilizes a comprehensive built-in error checking system that matches the state error checking system to ensure acceptance of surveys by the state.
Performs various additional quality assurance measures, such as checking errors across different surveys for the same patient. (Example: detects variations in answers for the same question, such as M00390, across different surveys for the same patient).
Fully integrated with the rest of TimeTrack® to eliminate redundant data entry. It automatically calculates HHRG, HIPPS, and Payment amount once an Oasis is locked. Diagnosis and Prognosis information flows through to the HCFA-485 screen.
PCC Oasis© is capable of printing an Electronic Submission report which captures a list of all the Patients that are to be submitted in current submission cycle.
PCC Oasis© is capable of printing an Oasis Summary report that shows each patient in the database and the type of survey exists for this patient.

Sample of PCC Oasis Software Screen


System Requirements

Netscape Navigator
Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, Me, and XP

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