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The PPS add-on module will seamlessly automate the integration of the Oasis (Clinical) and the billing (Financial).  The PPS solution will automate the following:

Create and maintain Episodes as you admit patients just by entering the SOC Oasis
Close and create subsequent episodes automatically as you re-certify patients just by entering the 485s
Determine and adjust to the Therapy Need discrepancy (M0825)
Determine and adjust for LUPA, PEP, Outlier, and/or SCIC (up to 3 SCICs within an episode).
Generate RAPs and Final Claims both paper and electronically
Perform Cost Analysis per episode giving you an excellent cash management tool to track profitability
Compute upfront estimated number of visits threshold to be profitable
Determine the 5 days recertification window
Compute the amount of money per episode (built in pricer)

In addition, the PPS Module entails the following reports:

HHRG Code breakdown.  Based on your census, the report will show you a breakdown per HHRG code, the number of cases belonging to the HHRG code, the Revenue for each code, the Cost for each code and the Profit/Loss for each code.
Patient HHRG Code breakdown.  This report will show for each patient, the associated HHRG codes for this patient, the cost, the revenue, and profit and loss.
Oasis/PPS Report.  This report serves as a diagnostic tool to verify the critical Oasis questions and responses.
Episode Report  This report will show a summary of the different episodes that are loaded in the Episode screen.  This report will print all episodes within a specific date range.  Please review the sample.

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