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StatTrack Patient Statistics Software


StatTrack is an add-on utility that is used in conjunction with TimeTrack® utilizing the same exact data entered for billing purposes. No additional data entry is required to produce the StatTrack reports. This utility prints the Patient and corresponding Visit count broken down by each category (i.e., Age, ICD9, etc…). All StatTrack reports can print in either Duplicated or Unduplicated census mode. This utility offers 10 different reports:

Breakdown by Age Groups.  Based on the patient Date of Birth.
Breakdown by Referral Source. Based on the Patient's referral source code.
Breakdown by Discharge Type. Based on the type of discharge code (if any)
Breakdown by ICD-9 Code. Based on the ICD-9 diagnosis code (or group of disease) entered in HCFA-485
Breakdown by Reimbursement Source. Based on the patient primary payer
Breakdown by Type of Discipline. Based on the type of discipline entered in the visit screen
Breakdown by County. Based on the patient county of residence
Breakdown by Ethnic Background.  Based on patient Ethnic Background

Breakdown by MSA.  Based on the patient MSA (Metropolitan Statistical Area) code

Breakdown by Generic Code.  Based on generic code that you use to classify or group patients.

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