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The PCC Oasis Collection System is a fully automated utility that facilitates capturing surveys in the field using a mobile PC device such as laptops and tablet PC's. The system will send the completed surveys to the office for processing via the Internet. The flow of the PCC Oasis Point of Care system is as follows:

  1. Nurse completes the Oasis survey at the Patient's home.
  2. Nurse sends the completed surveys to the Central Office.
  3. Central Office downloads and merges the completed surveys with the Central database.
  4. Central Office prepares the state electronic file and prepares the RAPs and Final Claims accordingly.


Please note that the above design takes the following concepts into consideration:

  1. Ease of use.

  2. Automation as much as possible.

  3. Data security for Patient Sensitive data.

  4. Speed of sending a survey from laptop to central office.


Such a system have many benefits to mention a few:

  1. Reduces or eliminates time bottle neck in entering surveys at the office.
  2. Distribute the workload to field staff thus reducing labor cost in entering surveys at the Central office.
  3. The surveys are completed by the nurse to ensure quality and accurate data.
  4. Nurses can deliver the completed surveys electronically without the need to show up physically at the office.
  5. Shorter data capture, locking, and transmitting cycle which means improved cash flow.


System Requirements

  1. Two PCC Oasis (Central and One Additional License)
  2. Laptop computer (not provided)
  3. Internet Access or E-Mail account (optional).  Please note that the system can work using a floppy disk to exchange the surveys between the nurse laptop and the office computer.

Sounds interesting? Please contact us.

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