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The Remote Office Billing Network (ROB) is a great utility if you have a central office and one or more remote offices, and you want to keep the Billing in the Central office.   Of course there are many advantages for centralizing your billing, such as:

Cut down on employee expenses since with this system, you don't need to have a billing person in each remote office
Having access to the remote office data at any time from the central office
Having control over the billing for the remote office and ensuring quality
Keep the entry of visits, Patient information, and 485,487 at the remote office since the employees at the remote office are much familiar with their patient information
This network utilizes exchange of data files using the FTP Server via the Internet, so you don't accumulate long distance dial-up phone charges.


Two (or more) TimeTrack Licenses
Internet Accounts Access on both ends (Central and Remote)
FTP Site ($70.00 per month)
FTP Professional from IPSWTICH ($40.00 one time fee)

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